3 Sites to getting Animals Pictures Free Download

Apart from developing great content, the next mind-boggling question in most copywriters and bloggers is where to get a high-quality photo. As you know, humans are visual beings. To attract them and encourage them to go through your content you have to woo them through uploading images. At times, the budget for hiring a photographer may be beyond your reach. In such cases, free images can be the better option if not the best for obtaining photography for your website.

However, not all so-called free photo sources offer the best quality of images for use in a website. Some have low-quality images while others have hidden charges yet pose as free stocks. To save you from such mayhems, here are the top 3 platforms for downloading free images for use in your blog posts:


Are you searching an image to use on your e-commerce site? If so, Burst is a good bet. Burst is a child or platform under Shopify. As you know, when you mention e-commerce, your statement is incomplete if you leave out the word Shopify. For your information, Shopify is among the leading and most used online business platforms.

For this reason, the developers behind it understand the turbulences of online sellers in obtaining worth images to associate with their products. As such, they do the hard part by providing Burst as a platform where one can download free images for use on their websites. In this essence, you are confident that any image you will obtain from Burst is of high quality.


No one likes standing behind bars because of obtaining intellectual property. More so, as a business person, such an instance can mark the beginning of your enterprise downfall as it injures your reputation. Back to the topic, one of the issues that can land you there is the use of other peoples work without their consent or obtaining the copyright.

Unsplash is an excellent platform that allows you to download images that are free from attribution and copyrights. Hence, you can use the images for any purpose both commercial and personal.


Picjumbo is the next free stock photo source you can obtain high-quality images without paying a dime. The platform offers you different image categories to select your favorite. Also, it displays the best of the best images which you can select if you like them. Furthermore, you do not have to stress yourself as finding images as it has a search option to help you get the exact photos that you may be in need of.

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